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Reservationless GreenConnect Reserved GreenConnect Assisted GreenConnect Premier GreenConnect
Reservationless GreenConnect Reserved GreenConnect Assisted GreenConnect Premier GreenConnect
Reservationless GreenConnect is an Audio Conferencing service that gives you a fast and easy way to bring people together over the phone at any time.

You will be assigned a toll-free dial in number and pass code.
To host a meeting, simply distribute the dial-in number and passcode to participants and tell them to dial the number at the time of the meeting. No advance reservation is necessary, and the number may be used at anytime, over and over.
Instant Access and 24 * 7 availability.
On-line web tools accompany service to provide added control

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The Reserved GreenConnect conferencing service enables customers to schedule conference calls without the assistance of an operator. A unique phone number and passcode will be provided for each specific call.  Operator assistance is available to all participants at any time during the conference by dialing *0.
Simply call our Reservation team and schedule your call for a secured day and time.
Receive a unique Toll-free number and passcode for that specific conference.
Operator Assistance is available to all participants at anytime during the call by dialing *0.

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Assisted GreenConnect offers the benefit of GreenMeeting’s Conference Coordinators expertise to your conference. Coordinators greet and place participants into the conference and remain available throughout the call to provide assistance, check for line quality, call out to other participants or answer questions.

A conference coordinator greets each participant and announces them to those already in the meeting.
A conference coordinator frequently monitors your meeting and can be called for assistance by pressing *0 on a touch-tone phone.

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Premier GreenConnect Service offers a team of professionals who will address all your needs for a flawless conference.  Our team shall consult with you regarding the planning and conference features beneficial to maximize the impact and success of your event. 

Highly trained and experienced GreenMeeting conference coordinators are assigned to each call and are available throughout to help ensure a successful event.

GreenMeeting’s Premier calls are perfect for calls where:

When High-level management is involved and your conference requires professional facilitation/coordination.
Large numbers of people Participate.
Conference coordinators can complement your message with features such as: greeting each participant, including a branded welcome script, collect participant information, coordinate a variety of conference features such as Q&A’s, Voting/Polling, broadcasting presentations via the Internet, Continuous Monitoring, etc. and a post-conference follow-up.

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