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Just enter you Personal “Virtual” Conference Room,
we call them “GreenRooms”, and have the tools a traditional conference room offers to add a visual component to your conference call. Visuals dramatically improve participants' retention of information and the collaborative productivity of the conference call.
With only a telephone and a computer with Internet access, your personal GreenRooms enables you to share presentations, documents, videos, web content and applications with individuals and groups around the world instantly.

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Click. Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

Work with people across town—or across the world—as easily as if you were side by side. Just open your web browser to launch a GreenConnect web conference and communicate and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, any time.

On-demand web conferencing has become the preferred communication for business today.  Share documents, make presentations, and collaborate with people.

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GreenCast transforms ordinary conference calls, video conferences and presentations into cost-effective online events.

Deliver your message, either live or pre-recorded over the Internet, with ease to thousands of participants through a customized audience interface that utilizes your corporate brand. Our webcasting solutions include audio and video streaming, synchronized presentation material and real-time usage reporting. Your presentation can be enhanced with interactive tools like audience Q&A, polls and web tours.

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People often have trouble differentiating between webcasting (GreenCast) and web conferencing (Web GreenConnect) . Like webcasting, web conferencing is also often used to facilitate communication among groups. While there are some key similarities between these two technologies, they are in fact used for very different applications.

Webcasts are ideal, both in terms of functionality and cost, for large audiences, while web conferences are better suited for smaller groups.

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