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GreenMeeting offers a variety of audio conferencing solutions to meet the needs for any conference.  The service levels below depict solutions ranging from  “self managed” to “full service”capabilities

- Reservationless - Instant GreenConnect

- Reserved GreenConnect

- Assisted GreenConnect

- Premier GreenConnect

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With GreenMeeting Net Conferencing, your colleagues and clients can view materials or presentations via the Internet while listening to the meeting on the telephone. All you need is a PC, a phone, and a browser.

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GreenMeeting Video Conferencing: provides businesses with all the advantages of face-to-face communication, while improving productivity and reducing the expense of travel.  Allow GreenMeeting to provide your business the benefits of:

- Multi-point Bridging services.

- High Definition Video Conferencing

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GreenMeeting offers access to more than 4,000 public video conferencing suites worldwide.  Contact our representative and schedule a video conference room near you!
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GreenMeeting’s Audio, Web, and Video Casting service delivers your message, either live or pre-recorded over the Internet, to thousands of participants.

Our GreenCasting solutions include audio and video streaming and synchronized presentation material. Your presentation can be enhanced with interactive tools like audience Q&A, polls and web tours.

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